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A kitchen utensil store has exposed the dirtiest kitchen utensils in the average UK household, as well as the least hygienic habits of the British like not disinfecting the kitchen container and overusing a kitchen towel.

The results showed that eight out of ten Brits had never cleaned their microwaves thoroughly and two-thirds hadn’t cleaned their oven thoroughly in a year. Despite the pandemic, one in five Britons admitted not to wash their hands before cooking.

A UK family run cookware store conducted an analysis of the public’s cleaning habits to study how bacterial the average family kitchen is.

Oliver’s Kitchen surveyed more than 1,600 of its customers to find out how hygienically important kitchen appliances such as ovens, microwaves and refrigerators are.

The investigation found that the least cleaned product in the kitchen was the microwave. More than four fifths (82%) of Britons admitted never cleaning it thoroughly. The oven was the second most neglected device. Two thirds (68%) of the respondents said that they had not cleaned their oven thoroughly in a year. Less than half (49%) of respondents change their tea towel / sponge more than once every two weeks, compared to 70% of those who clean their toilet seat at least twice a week.

Research also discovered the least hygienic habits of the British, such as not disinfecting the kitchen container, overusing dish sponges and towels, and not cleaning the mop head after each use.

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The five worst kitchen hygiene habits among British people are:

1. Never clean the microwave thoroughly – 82% said they never clean their microwave oven thoroughly

2. Not cleaning a cutting board thoroughly after using raw meat on it – 73% admitted this

3. Not cleaning the oven thoroughly on a regular basis – 68% admitted they had not done so in the past year

4. Don’t let food cool quickly enough before storing it in the refrigerator – 63% said they take food and put it in the refrigerator right before cooling

5. Failure to change the tea towel / sponge regularly – 61% of Britons reported using the same for more than two weeks

The survey also found that one in five Britons didn’t wash their hands before cooking and a third (34%) didn’t clean the mop head after each use, which can cause harmful bacteria to spread around the kitchen and possibly the rest of the house .

Oliver’s Kitchen consulted with a food hygiene inspector to provide guidance on how to keep cooking areas clean, e.g. B. which products should be used where, how often certain devices should be cleaned and which classes should be cleaned as “thorough”.

In early 2020, the Food Standards Agency stated that there is an estimated 2.4 million cases of food poisoning annually in the UK, with 380,000 cases of norovirus annually also related to food preparation and consumption in the UK.

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Oliver’s Kitchen is a family-run cookware store that helps the public eat fresh. The kitchen ware makes it easy to prepare food and cook in a stack while being of high quality to stand the test of time.

Oliver Warburton, Founder of Oliver’s Kitchen said, “The kitchen is definitely the heart of the house, this is where all the action takes place. And that’s why I’m definitely surprised at some of the results! I just hope this is due to a lack of knowledge and inexperience in the kitchen rather than indifference as poor hygiene can really make people uncomfortable.

“Hopefully we can make a difference in terms of kitchen hygiene and ensure everyone in the UK has a happy and healthy home as it is more important now than ever to make sure we keep our environment clean.”

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