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The design and manufacture of microwave ovens have been optimized to such an extent that the once-expensive devices are now almost disposable. Despite the economics, some people can’t resist fixing things, especially when given the opportunity to do so in style. So we present this microwave repair with its completely unnecessary but fabulous embellishments.

The beginning of the end for [dekuNukem]The dirt cheap used microwave began where many devices failed first – the membrane keyboard. The keys can no longer be pressed reliably. [dekuNukem] Drafted the matrix wiring arrangement of the original keyboard and whipped a small keyboard from a few push button switches and a piece of perfboard. Connected to the motherboard, it was an effective and cheap solution, if a little artless.

To spice things up a little [dekuNukem] turned to duckyPad, a hot-swappable Macropad with mechanical switches and of course RGB LEDs. It got interesting from here. Since the duckyPad outputs serial data, an adapter was required in the microwave. An STM32 microcontroller and a pair of ADG714 analog switches did the trick, with power coming from the original board.

The finished repair is quite noticeable, and [dekuNukem] now has the only microwave in the world with a clicking keyboard. And besides, it works.

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