Amazon Nice Indian Pageant Sale: Greatest microwave oven beneath 20 Ok – digit


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The Amazon Great Indian Festival has come back with some of the best deals on microwaves under 20,000. Indeed, with only three days left, it is the perfect time to start browsing offers never heard of that are exclusive to Amazon.

LG 28 L charcoal convection microwave oven

Price: 21800 / –
Sales price: 16290 / –

The LG 28L Charcoal Convection microwave oven is suitable for large families and has a car cook menu. It has various utilities like baking, grilling, reheating, defrosting, and cooking. This product also comes with a starter kit and features easy-to-use and durable clock regulators. See deal here.

IFB 34 L convection microwave oven

Price: 27990 / –
Sales price: 19999 / –

The IFB 34L convection microwave oven makes baking an airy affair. It has warm properties that determine that your meals will stay hot for an hour. It is also equipped with a built-in deadrise or steam cleaning system that allows you to easily clean your device and ensures that there is no residue or odor in your oven. See deal here.

IFB 30 L convection microwave oven

Price: 17790 / –
Sales price: 12499 / –

The IFB 30L convection microwave oven will allow you to cook your chicken perfectly as the motorized rotisserie continuously circulates the marinade on the meat by rotating it at the same time, giving you the juicy, juicy taste with every bite. Its floral body is chic and will add a touch of style to your kitchen. See deal here.

Samsung 28 L convection microwave oven

Price: 16550 / –
Sales price: 10449 / –

The Samsung 28L convection microwave is suitable for large families. Thanks to the sleek frying technology, you can enjoy a healthier version of your meals. It has a delicate keyboard that is easy to clean and a parental control system that makes it especially safe for households with young children. See deal here.

LG 32 L convection microwave oven

Price: 22900 / –
Sales price: 16299 / –

The LG 32L Convection Microwave Oven can be used for a wide variety of cooking activities such as baking, grilling, defrosting, cooking and reheating. It comes with a starter kit and has tactile buttons for setting the temperature and timer, while the jog dials are easy and durable to use. It also has special features like 211 Indian car cook menu, pasteurize milk with ghee, clock selection and 301 car cook menu options. See deal here.

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