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The four recommended models in our test cost between $ 500 and $ 800. When Kmart’s Anko 30L Convection Microwave Oven – not quite good enough to recommend but a steal at $ 149 – outperformed models by 10x its price in our lab test, we had to try it out in the office. Morning teas have been sorted!

We baked a chocolate cake and loads of scones and cooked pizzas, both homemade and store-bought floors. We also reheated pizza and a cake.

We were impressed with its heat-up time – just over two minutes to get to 200 ° C. But overall, the Anko didn’t stack up well compared to a regular oven.

An employee’s tried and tested chocolate cake recipe has failed. The top started to burn while the inside wasn’t cooked – we had to get it ready in the oven. With a little trial and error, we got a better result on baking scones, although it was difficult to estimate how long it would take to cook. It’s a lot easier in an oven if you just slide them back in instead of having to reprogram the convection microwave.

Cooking pizza was a bit of a hit-and-miss. We had to guess the weight of the homemade pizza, but after the programmed time it was pale and didn’t look cooked. After two cycles in pizza mode, the cheese was golden brown and other ingredients cooked, but the base was a bit doughy and took another five minutes in convection mode. The end result had undercooked stains. The Anko did a better job with prefabricated floors, but it took twice as long as a regular oven.

It did a decent job warming up. When reheating half a pizza, the bottom didn’t get mushy and the cheese bubbled on top – a better result than a normal microwave. Our reheated cake wasn’t as crispy as it was in an oven, but the filling was hot throughout.

One of our employees owns a more expensive station wagon, so she took the Anko home to cook the family dinner. Roast chicken was on the menu and after 36 minutes the chook was cooked and got the thumbs up taste test. She also tried the grill to brown some steamed tubers – to no avail – the fan-assisted mode had to finish the job. “I wouldn’t bother using the grill because for good results you need to lift anything you’re grilling near the grill.”

The instructions provided were useless. There were no instructions and you had to guess weights while baking. It was about trying it out and hoping it would be good.

Overall, their more expensive model is easier to use and the setup in the oven is better for grilling or baking.

Our seasoned lab tester said our mixed results are not surprising. Using a combo microwave, especially combo mode, is tricky so you’ll need to experiment to get it right. Also, don’t expect a station wagon to work as well as a built-in or freestanding oven. Since there is no bottom element, it can only handle limited browning and crispness for foods that require the bottom to be cooked, such as: B. Pizza and pies.

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