Beko Convection Microwave with Grill MCF28310X Assessment –


Overall score: 58/100

Tested in October 2019

This combined microwave has a grill and convection oven function as well as combination programs. At 900 watts, it’s pretty powerful. In addition to its 11 power levels, it has nine different cooking programs and a defrosting function. A baking sheet is also included, although the grill only has one temperature setting and does not come with a grill rack.

£ 159.00

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At almost £ 160, this combination microwave isn’t the most affordable. Our tests also saw very mixed results for performance. While it’s great for simple microwave and convection cooking tasks, this isn’t the best option if you’re looking for a good grill.

It was characterized by evenly warming up the soup and boiling jacket potatoes. The latter were thoroughly cooked and even had a uniform temperature. Unfortunately, chilled and frozen lasagna ready meals were not hot enough at the end of the cooking process in the middle. When using the weight defrost function for minced meat, we were disappointed that some of the meat was cooked even at the end of the defrosting period. We therefore recommend keeping an eye on it and turning around regularly.

Since the grill only has one temperature setting and no grill rack is included, we used the baking sheet instead when toasting bread. The tray wasn’t close enough to the grill so our bread didn’t brown and dried out after 20 minutes. Sausages cooked and browned under the grill, but also took a long 30 minutes. The convection oven function was comparatively more effective and made a batch of perfectly fluffy fairy cakes in just 20 minutes. Though we were disappointed with the auto-cook fried chicken program – the chicken was nicely browned and mostly cooked through but still had some pink juices in the deepest part of the breast.

Key specification

Power: 900Equipment: Glass plate and baking sheet Capacity (liters): 28Possible combinations: Microwave / grill and microwave / oven Number of power levels: 11Number of programs: 9


User friendliness: 3.5 / 5Design: 4.5 / 5Manual: 3/5Performance: 2.5 / 5

We would like

Preheating the hot air oven only took two minutes. Child safety kitchen timer glass turntable is dishwasher safe. Good size

We do not want

The combination microwave and grill function did not brown our macaroni and cheese ready-made meal. The power levels and grill temperature cannot be set for the combination microwave / grill function. It is not easy to look in the microwave when cooking. When using the car cook programs, the display will only show A1 / A2 etc, so you need to easily refer to the instruction manual of the stainless steel area around the control marks with fingerprints

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