China plans to “militarize” the moon with lethal “pores and skin fry microwave weapons” – Each day Categorical


Richard D. Fisher Jr., Senior Fellow at the International Assessment and Strategy Center, said, “By 2023, China should be able to build a space-based laser combat platform weighing 5 tons and 2.5 tons of chemical laser fuel.” In a paper titled “China’s Progress with Targeted Energy Weapons,” the Asian military affairs expert emphasized that China’s space program is being developed for potential military operations.

The scientist argued that “building robust government and private sector infrastructure to get to and stay on the moon can potentially help deter China from militarizing the moon.”

Regarding the development of directed energy weapons for space, Fisher said China “may now have an active space laser combat satellite program”.

In the report for the International Assessment and Strategy Center, he wrote, “China is working to dominate a potential next generation of warfare focused on targeted energy weapons.”

He added, “This pursuit of superiority is in line with China’s quest for global economic dominance, followed by eventual military dominance; the dominance of seas and space.”

In order for the US to compete with China’s advances in this area, Washinton said the scientist would need to “devote more resources to developing energy weapon technologies and harness the potential benefits of the military coalition while seeking the necessary geostrategic benefits.”

The report outlined how China developed low-power solid-state electric lasers (SSL) to “kill” weapons.

Beijing has also advanced the use of “electrothermal launch” to increase the power of conventional artillery.

Above all, there is great interest in China’s development of HPM weapons (High Power Microwave).

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The Times reported that this system was used to “turn two strategic mounds that had been occupied by Indian soldiers into a microwave oven.”

The use of the direct energy weapon made Indian troops “vomit” and had to leave their positions within 15 minutes.

This is how Chinese troops can conquer the heights.

India, however, denies the claim as “false news”.

The Indian Army tweeted: “Media articles about the use of microwave weapons in East Ladakh are unfounded.

“The news is FAKE.”

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