China reportedly used a secret “microwave weapon” in opposition to enemy forces – the New Zealand Herald


The dire effects of China’s new microwave weapons have been exposed. The country’s army reportedly incapacitated enemy forces using the secret device in minutes.

An international university professor in Beijing has claimed that China used the weapon against Indian soldiers during a standoff along the disputed Himalayan border.

Jin Canrong, professor of international relations at Renmin University, told his students that Chinese forces forced Indian soldiers to retreat by “turning the mountain tops into microwaves,” according to The Times.

Microwave weapons work similarly to normal microwaves. The device heats the water in the human target’s skin causing immense pain and nausea.

The weapon is designed to incapacitate enemies by causing severe pain, but not cause permanent damage.

Jin claimed the weapon worked “wonderfully” for the Indian soldiers without violating the “no gunfire” agreement between the parties.

“In 15 minutes everyone who occupied the hills started throwing up,” he reportedly told his students during a lecture.

“They couldn’t get up, so they fled. That’s how we reclaimed the ground.”

The Indian Army convoy is moving towards the disputed area. Photo / Getty

Jin said the reason China did not publicize the event was because it was so successful, adding that India also kept the incident under wraps because “they lost so miserably”.

India and China have been trapped in an intense conflict over their common border near Ladakh for more than six months, the conflict recently causing bloodshed.

In June, the two groups clashed in the Galwan Valley, and soldiers fought each other in a deadly brawl with sticks and clubs.

20 Indian soldiers and an unknown number of Chinese soldiers were killed in the clash, resulting in the first fatal confrontation between the parties since 1975.

Jin claimed China decided to use the microwave weapon after India captured two critical hills in August after launching a surprise attack with Tibetan soldiers known for their strong mountaineering skills.

He claimed high-altitude hand-to-hand combat was not an option for the Chinese soldiers, many of whom were from lowland areas and could not match the Tibetan soldier’s mountaineering skills.

Activists demonstrate against Chinese President Xi Jinping during a protest against the killing of 20 Indian Army soldiers in Ladakh. Photo / Getty

Since the shooting was still prohibited, they had to come up with a different plan.

“The Central Military Commission was quite angry,” How can you be so negligent that India is taking the hills? “So she ordered the ground to be withdrawn, but also requested that not a single shot be fired,” Jin said.

“Then they came up with the clever idea of ​​using microwave weapons.”

India has since branded claims of the microwave weapon attack as “false news”, with the Indian Army saying the Times’ latest report was “unfounded”.

India’s NDTV news network also quoted an Indian official calling the claims “pure and poor psyops” [psychological operations] from China”.

Media articles on the use of microwave weapons in East Ladakh are unfounded. The news is FAKE.

– ADG PI – INDIAN ARMY (@adgpi) November 17, 2020

Similar microwave technology, aimed at incapacitating but not killing targets, was developed by other military personnel.

The US used the same technology to develop the Active Denial System, which was designed for zoning, perimeter security, and crowd control.

The device was used by the U.S. military in the war in Afghanistan but was reportedly withdrawn without seeing a fight.

Russia was recently accused of using its own secret microwave weapon to attack two CIA agents in Australia.

It comes after American officials in Cuba fall into what is known as “Havana Syndrome,” where victims often heard strange noises before becoming dizzy, suffering from headaches, memory loss and hearing loss.

The diplomats always had these symptoms first at home or in hotels.

In some extreme cases, victims were tied to a wheelchair while others were forced to wear weight vests to correct their balance.

These incidents were first reported in 2016, and several officials have experienced similar illnesses since then.

The US developed the Active Denial System in order not to lethally react to a hostile crowd. Photo / AP

Similar attacks on CIA agents were also found in Australia, with one of the agents among the organization’s top five officials, according to a GQ Magazine report published October 20, 2020.

The report alleged the two men were in Australia to hold talks with ASIO and other intelligence agencies as part of the Five Eyes Intelligence Sharing Alliance.

“While they were in their hotel rooms in Australia, both Americans felt it: the strange noise, the pressure in their heads, the ringing in their ears. According to these sources, they felt sick and dizzy,” the report said.

“They then traveled to Taiwan to meet with intelligence officials. They felt it again while in their hotel rooms on the island.”

Moscow Federal Security Service (FSB) agents were reportedly in the vicinity of the CIA agent’s hotel rooms when they suddenly fell ill.

Several U.S. officials have experienced similar sudden illnesses over the years, many of which suffer from ongoing medical problems.

Over the years, several CIA and White House officials have been victims of what appears to be targeted attacks. Many claimed that Russia likely lagged behind the mysterious events.

Nonetheless, the CIA has refused to officially accuse Russia of involvement, stating that the government has “not yet identified a cause or actor”.

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