CHM770W Business Chef 700 watt microwave oven, zero.7 cubic ft, white physique – The Union Journal


Price: $ 86.99
(As of September 21, 2020, 17:08:25 UTC – details)

Just the right size, just the right features. This commercial chef microwave oven delivers 700 watts of power and quality. This device is great for a small kitchen or dormitory and offers the convenient functions of a larger microwave without taking up too much counter space. The keyboard controls let you enter exact cooking times, and the LED display lets you see exactly how much time is left. 6 one-touch pressure cooker buttons for products like popcorn and frozen meals add to the convenience, and the child safety lock ensures that the microwave is not used unsupervised.

10 cooking power levels offer great cooking flexibility
The 6 handy quick-cook settings include popcorn, baked potatoes, pizza, drinks, reheat and frozen evenings
A lot of power at 700 watts, but a small footprint makes it perfect for a small apartment or studio
You will feel like a professional cook with the option of weight or speed thawing as well as multi-stage cooking
LED display with digital clock that can also be used as a practical kitchen clock
Includes parental controls – a great security feature
10 cooking power levels offer great cooking flexibility

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