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One of the limitations of working from home is the never-ending run to the kitchen. Many would agree that hunger can strike anytime, and the entire “work from home” scenario never lets you cook leisurely. And that’s what led us to look for quick meals that take up less time. While many may have taken it upon themselves to make the most of the situation from home by keeping fit, for most of us the story is just the opposite. Obviously, getting hungry during work hours means quick snacks, which are often not healthy. But with a few simple ingredients and a powerful LG microwave oven, you can enjoy healthy, quick bites to satisfy your premature hunger.

The new LG Charcoal Microwave Oven is designed to change the way we cook by offering us a convenient and easy way to cook. The brand is focused on bringing you a better lifestyle, and LG makes sure that you take care of your health too. It is for this reason that LG has brought Healthy HeartTM Auto Cook recipes certified by the Heart Care Foundation of India. This feature, along with LG’s new way of preparing new healthy dishes – LG’s heart-friendly recipes * – preparing food with LG Microwaves, will now have a “healthy” taste.

Having this LG Charcoal Microwave Oven at home enables you to make a wide variety of recipes, from Indian breads like appams, missi rotis, tandoori rotis, lachcha paranthas to filled pastries like gujiyas, samosas, and donuts like pakoras. And guess what, you can even grill on this matter!

But the feature that really makes this microwave unique is the Diet FryTM cooking. With this feature, LG claims you can now cook and save up to 88% ** of your oil intake. Such recipes not only help you take care of your health, but also ensure that the authentic taste is preserved.

Some of the fantastic features of LG microwave ovens are listed below:

* * Having such a device in the kitchen comes in handy, especially if it has a feature like the Charcoal Lighting HeaterTM. With this feature, you can now get the taste and aroma of grill and tandoori cooking in just a few minutes. The special cooking mode makes the outside nice and crispy and keeps the inside more juicy and tender. Be it the smoky taste of tandoori paneer or chicken tikka, you can enjoy it all with the LG microwave.

* * This device has a fantastic motorized 360 ° rotisserie function. This makes it easy and hassle-free to make delicious barbecues at home. This feature allows you to prepare crispy and tasty bar-be-que recipes with the push of a button – the best part is that no manual intervention is required to ensure even and even roasting – the LG microwave oven does it all for itself.

* * The LG Microwave Oven has a pasteurized milk feature that allows you to keep the nutrients out of the milk without worrying about overflowing.

* * As mentioned before, you can now enjoy a range of exotic Indian breads such as Naan, Lachha Paratha, Aloo Parathas and many more, all at the touch of a button with Indian Roti Basket ***.

* * One of the best ways to ensure you have authentic and hygienic ghee is to make your own. And with an LG microwave, you can do it in 12 minutes. The LG microwave ovens used to make ghee at home are literally a matter of minutes.

* * Now the production of quark (paneer) is no longer a secret. You can do everything yourself. You can also make perfectly mixed, hygienic and delicious homemade curds with LG microwave ovens.

So don’t wait any longer, get the LG Microwave Oven and eat smart and healthy. There are over 401 Auto Cook recipes to choose from, pre-installed in the microwave oven for your convenience. Be it your breakfast, lunch or dinner or those premature hunger pangs, LG Microwave Oven has you covered.

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* Heart-friendly prescriptions are neither a substitute nor a substitute for professional medical advice.

** According to an internal test report from LG.

*** Patent submitted.

#Time may vary from model to model.

Disclaimer: This article was produced on behalf of LG by the Spotlight team at Times Internet.

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