De’Longhi Microwave Oven D90D assessment –


Overall score: 69/100

Tested in October 2019

This is a 900 watt combination microwave with six power levels and eight programs, including a defrost function. It is equipped with a convection oven, which means it can grill and bake, as well as a microwave. A baking plate is also included.

£ 79.99

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This combination microwave is great value for money and easy to use. Although there were some mixed results, performance was generally good. We’d say it’s best for those who use the microwave and convection oven but don’t often use the grill feature, which was a little slow.

In our performance tests, soup and frozen ready meals were heated evenly. We also cooked four jacket potatoes which were cooked perfectly and evenly. However, it left chilled lasagna ready meals a little too cold in the middle. Elsewhere, the automatic weight defrost feature was impressive – it thawed our ground beef perfectly with no cooked areas.

The grill has no adjustable temperature settings and there is no grill grate. So it wasn’t ideal for grilling bread, which needs to be close to the grill to roast properly. Then we put the bread on the baking plate to toast it there. After 20 minutes it was dried out and barely tanned. On the positive side, the grill produced some excellent sausages that were evenly browned and juicy. It took almost 30 minutes to cook. Not to mention, when we used the grill in combination with the microwave, our macaroni cheese was barely browned.

In evaluating the fan oven, we noticed how well it baked loads of fluffy and golden fairy cakes in just 18 minutes. Unfortunately, at the end of the cooking process, there were still some pink juices left when we cooked a whole chicken using the auto-fried chicken combo program.

Key specifications

Power: 900Equipment: Glass plate and baking plateCapacity (liters): 25thPossible combinations: Microwave / grill, microwave / convention Number of power levels: sixNumber of programs: eight


User friendliness: 3.2 / 5Design: 4/5Manual: 4/5Performance: 3.3 / 5

We would like

The convection oven preheats in just over three minutes Multi-stage cooking Child safety lock Easy to use

We do not want

It’s pretty hard to look in the microwave when you’re cooking. The stainless steel area around the keys can be easily marked with fingerprints. Power levels and grill temperature are not adjustable with the combi microwave / grill function, and it is difficult to tell whether combi 1 or 2 is the best choice are vague When you use the auto cook programs, the display only shows A1 / A2 etc. . You must therefore refer to the No Grill Rack instruction manual

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