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In a science-fiction story, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) reportedly used a powerful “microwave” earlier this month to keep dinner for soldiers stationed in the Himalayas near the actual Line Control (LAC). Instead, it could have been used against Indian troops.

Although the microwaves were essentially non-fatal, they were turned against the Indian army to violently sicken them and force their retreat. Indian forces began to flee within fifteen minutes of microwaves being deployed, which reportedly allowed Chinese forces to reclaim the ground.

The Asian Times quoted international study expert Jin Canrong as saying that Chinese troops used the electromagnetic weapon and “turned the mountain tops into a microwave oven,” which made Indian soldiers vomit. The paper reported that the “weapon” can heat water molecules much like a kitchen utensil and target the water under the skin.

This can cause severe pain in people up to half a mile away. Such an electromagnetic attack should not cause permanent harm, but concerns have been raised that it could damage a victim’s eyes and lead to a possible carcinogenic effect. Jin suggested that the weapon was made “beautifully” and could evacuate the Indian soldiers without violating a prohibition on shooting along the disputed border.

According to The Times of London, microwave weapons were used in late August in response to the deadly rock-and-club brawl between Chinese and Indian troops that killed around twenty Indian soldiers, including a colonel. If the reports are true, it could mark the first use of such a weapon against enemy forces around the world.

However, the Indian army has denied claims that microwaves were used as “unfounded and counterfeit” and denied that China was using the technology anywhere near the LAC.

“Media articles on the use of microwave weapons in East Ladakh are unfounded. The news is FAKE, ”the Indian Army said in a tweet as reported by Indian Express.

History of the microwave as a weapon

The ability to use microwaves as a weapon has been around for decades. The Soviet Union is believed to have directed microwaves against US diplomats in the 1970s – and similar efforts were allegedly made against American diplomats in Cuba in 2016.

Employees at the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou, China complained about a similar attack in 2017 – suggesting that China may be able to use such a system even if it isn’t used against Indian soldiers.

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has also developed a microwave-style weapon known as the Active Denial System.

It has been described as an advanced, non-lethal, long-range, directional, counter-personnel power platform capable of projecting a human-sized beam of millimeter waves at a range of up to 1,000. The U.S. military may have used such a weapon in Afghanistan, but likely withdrew it before using it on targets. The Department of Defense has also studied how microwaves can be used against non-human threats such as drones.

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