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Microwave ovens are found in almost every household today. It is used extensively for cooking, heating, baking, etc. It has become a necessity for everyone in this fast paced world. Microwave ovens are often a simple and straightforward way to reheat food, boiling water, or even steaming idli, dhokla, or vegetables. Hence, having a proper bowl for work is a must in every kitchen. With that in mind, we’ve found some microwaveable trays that will allow you to get your job done seamlessly. Let’s take a look!

4 microwave safe bowls for you:

Borosil – Oval baking dish

This oval bowl from Borosil is a must in every household. This bowl made of high-quality glass can be used not only for warming up food, but also for baking cakes and other dishes.

Editor’s Choice

Femora borosilicate glass microwave safe baking dish set

We have a microwave oven baking set that can serve any purpose on a daily basis. From heating food to using it as a serving bowl and baking various objects – these bowls are versatile right down to the core.

Need to have

10% out

Glass casserole deep round serving bowl with glass lid

These serving bowls are made of high quality glass and come with glass lids to store, heat and later serve food. You can also easily wash this bowl with normal dishwashing gel after each use.

Versatile use

60% out

ExclusiveLane Warli Hand-painted kitchen ceramic soup cups

We also found a ceramic soup bowl set that can be a great addition to your kitchen. It will add an earthy tone to your restaurant. In addition to being microwave safe, these soup bowls are easy to use, clean and store every day.

Also take into account

19% out


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