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Sensory’s custom voice assistants are finally arriving in commercial edge devices. This time around, the company is introducing the Farberware FM11VABK voice-controlled microwave oven, equipped with Sensory’s TrulyHandsFree and TrulyNatural voice technologies.

At its most basic level, Sensory technology enables colorware owners to control the microwave with simple voice commands. Users can tell the microwave to open the door or set a timer, or give more complex instructions like “cook popcorn” or “defrost two pounds of meat”. In this case, the microwave will automatically select the correct heat and time.

Sensory found that the custom Farberware Assistant is much more accurate than a more general assistant like Amazon’s Alexa, as the Farberware Assistant has been optimized for microwave applications. When tested, the Farberware Alexa was able to execute 68 percent more commands than the Amazon Basics microwave, largely because the Farberware Assistant will never try to do something the microwave can’t do, and the words and intentions interpreted accordingly by the speaker.

The Farberware Assistant will also protect people’s privacy better. Sensory’s voice assistants run entirely on the device, so the Farberware microwave does not need to connect to the cloud or communicate with a third-party app in order to function. In that regard, it runs like a more traditional device. The microwave works as intended once plugged in and never stores personal data or sends records to the cloud.

The microwave offers data protection as standard. Owners can spend their day at home without worrying about someone else listening.

“People love the convenience of common voice assistants, but privacy, accuracy, complicated setup, and connectivity issues are still a growing concern for users,” said Todd Mozer, CEO of Sensory. “These concerns have increased the need for custom private voice assistants. We’re seeing a big change as most of our customers are brands who want to own and manage their own private custom voice assistant platforms. ”

The Farberware Microwave arrives a few months after Sensory’s free VoiceHub development tool launched. Sensory has previously argued that specialized voice assistants will make it easier for smaller businesses to compete with tech giants like Amazon and Google after a voice recognition platform for kitchen appliances was released in January 2020.

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