Has China turned the important thing Ladakh zone right into a microwave oven through the use of laser weapons in opposition to India? PIB – on the newest


New Delhi, November 17th: Some international publications quoting a Chinese think tank member alleged that laser weapons were used against India in an important distance zone in Ladakh. The reports alleged that Chinese forces had turned a border point on a hill into a “microwave oven” to force Indian soldiers to retreat. The news has been classified as fake by leading Indian authorities. An escalation of tensions between India and China would further trigger regional instability, says Russia.

The Indian army, along with the Press Information Bureau (PIB) – the official media arm of the Indian government – issued a statement to completely oppose the reports published by part of the international media. Both the army and the PIB clearly stated that no laser weapon was used against the Indian armed forces.

What was the fake claim?

Some global websites had published reports claiming India was forced to withdraw from a key controversial area in Ladakh after Chinese forces “used laser weapons” – which resembled the border points of a microwave. Their claim was supported by a statement from Prof. Jin Canrong, Dean of the School of International Studies.

“Our military radiated the microwaves from the foot of the mountain towards the mountaintop on which Indian soldiers took positions and turned them into an ‘oven’ which caused Indian soldiers to quickly withdraw from the dominant positions,” the professor had claimed a program in Beijing.

“Fake news,” explains the Indian Army, PIB

Some international news portals have posted misleading headlines and reported unsubstantiated claims related to the border distance between India and China in Ladakh. #PIBFactCheck: This claim is #Fake. @adgpi made it clear that no such incident occurred. Beware of such # misinformation. pic.twitter.com/EoH4CH3X13

– PIB Fact Check (@PIBFactCheck) November 17, 2020

See statement by the army

Media articles on the use of microwave weapons in East Ladakh are unfounded. The news is FAKE. pic.twitter.com/Lf5AGuiCW0

– ADG PI – INDIAN ARMY (@adgpi) November 17, 2020

“Media articles about the use of microwave weapons in East Ladakh are unfounded. The news is false,” said the media arm of the Indian armed forces. In addition to the clarification provided by the Indian Army, no Chinese official or the state press has confirmed Prof. Canrong’s allegation.

Fact check

Claim :

China used “laser weapons” against India in an important distance zone in Ladakh.

Conclusion :

Fake news. The Indian Army and PIB issue a statement clarifying that no laser weapon has been used against Indian forces.

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