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A new report found that some type of microwave weapon was likely to be responsible for strange problems experienced by US government officials, including CIA spies overseas.

On behalf of the State Department, the report’s 19 experts concluded that the “most plausible mechanism” for mysterious symptoms affecting US spies and diplomats in several countries was “directional, pulsed radio frequency energy” – a type of radiation that which also comes from microwaves.

Affected employees included an employee of the US Embassy in Cuba in 2016 who woke up at night with “severe pain” including excessive pressure, a piercing noise in one ear with “directional marks”, imbalance and nausea.

In 2017, an employee at the US consulate in Guangzhou, China, made a similar complaint, one of many others reporting symptoms known as “Havana Syndrome”.

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The so-called Havana Syndrome has been reported for years after American diplomats stationed in Cuba suddenly heard strange chirping and grating noises that always occurred at home or in hotels.

What happened next was terrifying. For years, the victims suffered from headaches, memory and hearing loss, and insomnia. Some are wheelchair bound while others have been forced to wear weight vests to correct their balance.

Many of the employees who reported symptoms experienced debilitating and long-lasting effects.

While the report does not suggest that any particular country was behind the attacks, Russia was previously accused of using a secret “microwave weapon” to attack CIA agents.

Last month, it was alleged that China incapacitated enemy troops with the secret device by turning mountain tops into a microwave oven during a battle against Indian soldiers along the Himalayan border.

Eventually, the State Department decided to commission a report from the National Academy of Sciences on “unexplained health effects” on employees and their families in embassies around the world.

After review, the academy reported that the symptoms “are consistent with the effects of directional, pulsed radio frequency (RF) energy”.

“Merely looking at such a scenario raises serious concerns about a world with uninhibited malicious actors and new tools to harm others,” wrote committee chairman David Relman in the report.

Dr. Relman was unable to go into the details, but made the “strong suggestion” that “subject matter experts with appropriate clearance” should investigate the cases further.

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The report couldn’t completely rule out other possible causes, but said an RF attack was the “most plausible” explanation.

In October, senior CIA official Marc Polymeropoulos told GQ that he felt “I would throw up and pass out at the same time” when he was awakened in his Moscow hotel room in late 2017.

The magazine also covered attacks on American and Australian soil.

The report does not accuse any particular country of being behind the “plausible” attacks, but notes “significant research in Russia” on the technology dating back decades. In November it emerged that China had allegedly used some kind of “microwave weapon” in a dispute over its border with India.

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