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After talking to a friend about the weird things we tried in the microwave (after trying dried pasta that puffed a little but burned quickly), I thought, “What if I got this browning on a nut could get … in the microwave …? ”. After all, there were leftovers from making cashew cream while sleeping.

After a quick google, suspicions were confirmed by none other than Harold McGee, Kenji Lopez-Alt, and a handful of other bloggers.

I hurried to try, and within an hour our household had rubbed off two packets of once raw nuts tossed in olive oil and salt.

Before attempting this, there are two things to keep in mind: You will need a flat, microwaveable plate or bowl, and a tea towel or pot holder as the bowl will get very hot. Don’t pick it up with your bare hands.

How to fry nuts in the microwave

Take the nut of your choice and distribute it evenly on a plate. The microwave is turned up at 1 minute intervals and checked each time (with a tea towel or a pot holder) for between 3 and 8 minutes, depending on the nut.

Once done, they’ll scream hotly and fail to reach their full crunch potential. Let them cool completely to enjoy the fruits of your minimal labor.

This works with any variety, chopped or whole, and is great for freshening up previously roasted nuts that have become a little soft.

Below are rough time frames for the nuts I’ve tried at home, but every microwave is different. The good thing is, if you know your nut and device, you can pretty much easily insert and let go of them for all of the time.

Cashew nuts: 2-3 minutes

Pine nuts: 5-6 minutes

Almonds: 7-8 minutes

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