India-China stalemate: microwave weapon: China is now promoting false information about Indian troops in Ladakh – WION


China is back, spreading the wrong news. A Chinese professor has now claimed that China has apparently used microwave weapons against Indian troops in Ladakh.

China lied about the Wuhan virus first, then about its origin and spread. China also lied about the situation in Ladakh. It lied about the number of Chinese troops who were killed in the clash in Galwan. To this day, Beijing continues to hide the real numbers.

However, it hasn’t stopped China from distributing new lies about yet another attack in Ladakh that never actually took place. A Chinese professor has alleged that China used microwave weapons against Indian forces in Ladakh.

Professor’s Jin Canrong is about what he claims to have happened on August 29, 2020. Jin said the Chinese armed forces “turned the mountain tops into a microwave oven,” claiming that “in 15 minutes everyone who occupied the hills would have vomited.”

“They couldn’t get up and fled. That’s how we reclaimed the ground.”

Fake news usually lacks details and this is no exception. The Chinese fairy tale was reported by a British publication. The Indian Army called out the fake news on Twitter.

Jin and China are dismayed at India’s control of key heights in the strategically located Rezang-la and Reqin-la areas. The Indian army has a hawkeye view of the Chinese positions in Pangong Tso and therefore China is selling fake news.

What really happened on the night of August 29th to 30th? China tried to occupy the strategic heights on the southern bank of the Pangong Tso, but failed. Now it’s a fabricated version of what happened. This is not the first time microwave weapons have been mentioned.

Microwave weapons are nothing more than electromagnetic weapons. They heat the water molecules under the skin like microwave foods. The rise in temperature causes immense pain, forcing people to leave the area where the weapon is being used.

The United States once used a similar active denial system in Afghanistan. China has developed a similar weapon called the Poly WB-1. It was presented at an air show in 2014. The fact is that no such microwave weapon has been used in Ladakh, but China uses its microwaves to cook more than just food.

There are false stories straight out of the oven.

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