Industrial Chef CHM990W 900 Watt Countertop Microwave, zero.9 Cubic Toes, White Cupboard – The Union Journal


The Commercial Chef CHMH990W gives you the right features. This countertop microwave delivers 900 watts of power and the quality the Commercial Chef name is known for. With 10 power levels, you can cook or reheat a wide variety of foods just right. The keyboard controls let you enter precise cooking times, and the clear LED display tells you exactly how much time is left. Six one-touch pressure cooker buttons for products like popcorn and frozen meals add to the convenience, and the child safety lock ensures that the microwave is not used unsupervised. A great addition to a busy family’s kitchen.

Touch controls at the push of a button for easy and worry-free operation
Easily legible green LED display with digital clock and timer. Digital clock / timer with child safety
10 cooking power levels offer enormous flexibility and ensure a high-quality meal every time
Six quick cook menu buttons: popcorn, potato, pizza, drink, reheat, frozen food
Thanks to the practical automatic weight and fast defrosting, you will feel like a professional chef in your kitchen
Push-button door with a reassuring child safety lock
Ideal for singles and couples with limited counter. Good for preparing small or medium-sized items.

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