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I made bacon eight different ways to see which method made the best breakfast side. I compared methods by looking like them Cooking time, consistency and texture of the meat.Start the bacon in a cold, dry pan for evenly cooked strips, while starting in a preheated pan for half rubbery, half burnt strips. I was surprised at how good the batch I made in the microwave turned out to be. Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories.

After spending weeks figuring out the best ways to cook scrambled eggs, hard-boiled eggs, and pancakes, I thought it was only right to prepare the perfect breakfast side next: bacon.

Some people prefer their bacon to be chewy, while others opt for crispy. There is also greasy versus dry and ribbon versus flat. Knowing the possibilities are almost limitless, I scoured the internet to compile a list of eight different ways to cook the popular breakfast meat.

Using the same brand of uncured center cut smoked bacon, I’ve changed variables like my heat source and cooking surface to see how they affect each batch. I made two strips per batch so I can also pay attention to the consistency.

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