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If you’re limited on stove space or just can’t bother boiling your spuds to make mashed potatoes, use the microwave or oven and save yourself some time instead.

Mashed potatoes in the microwave honestly is a game changer and not enough people are doing it. It’s for busy people who just want a 10-minute pile of spuds that taste delicious too. It’s also perfect for college students and hungry people who are hungry in the middle of the day or night and have no patience but love carbohydrates. For those throwing a dinner party and having more than enough dishes to worry about and not having enough space to cook, the oven is indeed a boon.

How do you make mashed potatoes without having to cook the vegetables? Follow the steps below to learn the trick of the trade.

Make mashed potatoes in the microwave

Wash as many potatoes as you want or you can microwave them individually. You can peel them or not, whatever is floating your boat. Put them in a covered bowl and microwave for eight minutes. It may take longer depending on the size of the potatoes. Be careful when you take them out, the steam is a killer. Use pot holders and tongs to help you out. Place the mashed potatoes in a large enough bowl and take out a potato masher or potato press to mash the potatoes until there are no lumps left. The Ricer is perfect for this as it will make your potatoes fluffy. Do not use an electric mixer. Add milk, butter, salt and pepper and continue mashing the potatoes with the masher or ricer until the texture is what you want.

Or you could use the oven instead

If it’s a large amount that you’re looking for, check out the brilliance of the oven.

Place as many potatoes as you want or need directly on the wire rack. The oven should be preheated to approx. 175 ° C. Let them bake for an hour or more. Depending on the size and number of potatoes, it might even be less. Watch out. If you can easily pierce them with a fork, consider the spuds. After cooking, cut the potatoes in half and put them through the tearing machine. Pull the skin out and repeat until all of the potatoes are done. Add milk, butter, and any seasonings. Stir until it has the consistency you like and approve.

Have fun loading the carbohydrates!

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