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If there’s something we don’t have, it’s time. As a result, it can be almost impossible to devote any of it to home cooking. And yet there is an underutilized device in almost all of our kitchens that could help us. It’s about the microwave. Thanks to this, we can do much more than just heat food that has already been cooked and it saves us time. These 17 recipes, prepared in a very simple way in the mic, are proof of this.

Squid with brava sauce and potatoes in the microwave

In 20 minutes you can have this recipe for squid with brava sauce and potatoes, the appearance of which makes it seem very elaborate. Nothing is further from the truth. You only need three ingredients, 20 minutes and a microwave – and a pan too, to be true to reality. When we have guests it will be very attractive and no one will know that you haven’t done much more than cut slices of squid and pieces of potato. Of course, we have to remember that you need an hour of rest.

Garlic prawns made in the microwave

Garlic prawns are one of those traditional recipes that we always enjoy. But it is true that if we start it off in the most classic way, it can take a lot of time and work. However, if we do it in the microwave, as in this recipe, We can have it ready in five minutes. All advantages.

Turkey curry in five minutes

Most often, the microwave is used to thaw the product or heat some things, but cooking in them is less common. And yet it is entirely possible. In fact, we can cook dishes as elaborate as this turkey curry. Not only does it have the advantage that we get fewer stains, but it also cooks in five minutes. Accompanying white rice or flatbread, we have an incredible dish in no time.

Microwave salted fillet with orange sauce

I don’t know if you have the fillet with orange sauce at home for Christmas, but it is for me. However, it takes a long time and is more laborious to do it in the oven. That’s why this microwave-salted fillet with orange sauce is everything I’ve been looking for in years that I didn’t know.

Microwave Mushroom Walnut Cake

This recipe is perfect for mushroom season and makes us a first course or even a light dinner. The mushroom and walnut cake, which is gluten-free on top of everything, is made in the microwave, although we will need a food processor. Otherwise the mushrooms have a little wok, but The entire elaboration process takes 30 minutes and the result much more than resultón.

Scandinavian potatoes

Fried potatoes are one of the things that I like the most and they consist of a very simple dish. One of the things I like the most is filling them with something. I love these Scandinavian potatoes and they have the advantage that we don’t even have to turn the oven on as we are toasting them in the microwave for about 15 minutes. As soon as we’re done, we put cream cheese and smoked salmon on top and that’s it.

Carrot cake for dummies

Desserts can be made in the microwave too and that’s honestly one of the best news they have given us all year. That carrot cake is done in a total of 12 minutes And it couldn’t be easier. A little cream cheese to decorate and powdered sugar and we get a cake of the most attractive.

Mussel casserole with white wine

One of the advantages of microwave cooking is that it takes a lot less time. If we want to prepare a dish that looks very elaborate, but in reality has cost us little time and is very simple, this clam casserole with white wine is ideal. It is ready in just 15 minutes and we get a juicy dish with a delicious sauce.

Microwave potato omelette

The epitome of the Spanish dish – with the permission of the croquettes – is without a doubt the Spanish omelette. But the truth is, it takes a long time between peeling the potatoes, frying them, and beating the eggs. If we want to speed up the process a bit, save oil and still get a juicy and tasty omelette, we can cook this potato omelette with the microwave.

Microwave cocoa sponge cake recipe

One of the special things about this microwave brownie is that it is fluffy and the taste is so rich that no one will notice that you didn’t have to turn on the oven for it. Another benefit is that it is so easy to make that it only takes 15 minutes to make.

Baba Ganoush in 15 minutes

Baba Ganoush, or eggplant pie, is a typical Lebanese dish and is ideal for dipping in or for a snack dinner. In this version of Baba Ganoush, we toast the eggplants in the microwave in 15 minutes, which saves a lot of time and money makes the job incredibly easy. It is an ideal dish to accompany flatbread, various vegetable sticks or some yoghurt.

Eggplant stuffed with soy

Stuffed eggplants are one of the most common recipes in the oven. But of course that takes a long time. In that case, these soy-filled eggplants can be ready in just 10 minutes. In such a short time, we can get a complete dish that is very nutritious and suitable for people on a vegetarian diet.

Nutella cookies

Does it seem to you that you have moments of the day when you feel like a candy but don’t want (or can’t) buy anything or don’t feel like cooking something? These microwave Nutella cookies are the perfect solution for those moments. They are made in a very simple way in just three minutes and we get a result – a result that functions to take away the sweet tooth.

Artichokes in the microwave

Using the microwave to make this artichoke recipe not only allows us to reduce the number of fats we consume, but also allows us to control the degree of cooking well.

Pumpkin and Chocolate Muffins or Muffins

Not only are these pumpkin chocolate muffins a delicious and perfectly healthy dessert, but they are too are done in about 15 minutes very easy in the microwave. We have to consider whether our microwave has a special function for cakes and doughs. If not, we can cook them like a mugcake.

Spinach soup in the microwave

Getting the little ones around the house to eat vegetables isn’t always easy. This spinach cream is one that attracts a lot of attention and is a great way to introduce vegetables into your life. It only takes five minutes to cook in the microwave and cook for 24 minutes.

Cup cake with cherries and cheese

In making this cheesecake and cherry pie, we have to be careful with the minutes of cooking because when we pass the dough it can be a little dry – although it is just as tasty. However, this is the only difficulty we will encounter since then It consists of very few ingredients that are very easy to find and it takes 10 minutes. Of course, to enjoy it we have to wait for the cherry season.

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