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Okay, but as the saying goes, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

You may remember a few years ago when the online world raved about the # 25lbTurkeyChallenge. The goal of the online prank was to get young adults who might be hosting Thanksgiving for the first time to call their parents and ask them how long it takes to put a 25 pound turkey in the microwave.

The fun came as the parents responded to their child’s questions.

Until the folks at Butterball Turkey Talkline had to find out that you can actually put your turkey in the microwave and it turns out … um … pretty okay I guess. Seriously. Butterball says that not only is it possible to destroy your bird, but it is also fairly safe.

However, they do indicate that most of us don’t have a microwave that can hold a 25 pound bird. This exercise works better with a smaller turkey than with the huge families. Let’s go through their instructions:

First, thaw the turkey. Butterball says never put a frozen turkey in the microwave. Next, find a microwaveable plate or bowl. As for the actual cooking, put it in the microwave at full power for 4 minutes per pound (e.g. 36 minutes for a 9 pound turkey) to start the cooking process. After this initial cooking time, the rest of the cooking process must be on a lower power setting. Are you ready with me

Next, collect a few drops and use these to staple your bird (things that sound dirty but aren’t dirty) so you get a good tan on your skin. Then we change the position of the bird. Turn the turkey over and cook for 8 minutes per pound (72 minutes total) on 50 percent power. Stop boiling every 18 minutes to check the temperature of the turkey with a meat thermometer and top it with natural juices or a browning sauce.

When the turkey reaches a temperature of 180 to 185 degrees in the thighs and 170 to 175 degrees in the chest, you have several options. Run for your life and grab a pizza or staple and dig in again. I lean towards the first option.

Check out how happy this guy is after microwaving his turkey:

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