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Cestari Kitchen loves the attention that one of its newest quick and easy kitchen cooking products is getting. They call this relatively new product their “microwave vegetable steamer”. Not only can it cook vegetables in under three minutes, but it can cook omelets for breakfast, poach eggs, and even do other kitchen chores like frying. Favorable reviews for this popular online cooking product have been arriving at a rapid pace from many of the company’s retail sources.

Company spokeswoman Susan MacDowell said, “With people being so health and time conscious these days, we knew we wanted to develop a kitchen product with that in mind. Our company had some experience of making vegetable steamers in the past. So we wanted to start with this concept and improve it significantly, but we also wanted the product to be easy to use and clean. We knew that when we finally developed our latest version of our microwave vegetable steamer, we had something unique and special on our hands. What we never expected was that so many buyers were claiming it was the best microwave vegetable steamer they had ever used.

MacDowell went on to say that the company received 190 reviews on the product on Amazon alone in the short time it was in the market. She added that the company’s employees are even more pleased that the majority of these reviews were overwhelmingly positive. The company spokesman attributed this to all of the hard work and research that has been put into making this product one of the top buyers in the food preparation market.

In some examples of Amazon reviews of this innovative product, Lori Judd says, “At the time, I only used this product to steam vegetables, but it does its job when a T. Broccoli comes out tender and green with this handy steamer. I used to use water in a plastic bag, but that usually got messy when the bag opened its seam. No more! This product is straightforward and straightforward. Add a little lemon juice and garlic to the bottom water to add a little more flavor to your vegetables. Cant wait to try something else in this little gem. “

In her 5-star rating, Kim T says: “So many ways to cook with the Easy Pod! Light, functional, easy to store and a breeze to tidy up. What else can you say about your new favorite kitchen tool? I love asparagus and now it’s so easy to steam in the mic. Just add your favorite condiments and three minutes later – boom. The lock at the top secures everything inside and makes no effort – no more fiddling with aluminum foil or Tupperware lids. Also, the bottom is flat so it doesn’t roll around and spill. I haven’t had a chance to bake yet, but I’m looking forward to it. Recommend!”

Another reason this product gets many of the top microwave vegetable steamer reviews is because of its versatility. Users state that they can do a lot more with it than just steaming vegetables. Some have even come up with very creative uses for this innovative cooking product. Lainie1 wrote: “I bought it to make knead-free bread which requires a cast iron Dutch oven. I can’t lift this anymore and thought I’d try. Well, at 450 degrees it came out perfectly. Opened it after 20 minutes to allow it to continue browning. I plan to try other uses and have ordered another. “In another 5-out-of-5-star rating, verified buyer Leigh confirms:” Great device. Beautifully roasted potatoes and small beef roasts in the oven. Fresh vegetables are perfectly steamed in the microwave. Cleans easily by hand washing. In any case, someone else will buy. Would you like to see some in a slightly smaller and larger size if you consider these to be medium? “

MacDowell added that people like this product for many other reasons besides the fact that it’s easy to use, versatile, and time-saving in the kitchen. She says this implies that her microwave vegetable steamer is made from safe 100% BPA-free silicone material and can easily handle the high heat generated by microwave cooking. It is made to European safe cooking standards which are known to be even stricter than those set by the FDA. For more information on this product, visit the website of this small family business in Massachusetts.


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