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Watch: Nigella Lawson’s strange pronunciation of “microwave” is driving the internet wild

Nigella Lawson set the record right after a clip of her pronounced microwave went viral in an unusual way.

The TV chef found herself on social media after referring to the electromagnetic oven as “Mecrowavay” while making mashed potatoes on her BBC show Cook, Eat, Repeat.

Viewers got it right away and social media was quickly flooded with funny memes and GIFs.

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But the cook has now stated that she doesn’t necessarily think her pronunciation is the right one – she just says it that way.

Nigella’s cook, eat, repeat – Picture shows: Steak with anchovy elixir. Nigella Lawson – (BBC – Photographer: Jay Brookes)

“Well, I say it that way, but not because I think that’s how it is pronounced,” she tweeted in response to a joke about it.

Well, I say it that way, but not because I think that’s how it is pronounced

– Nigella Lawson (@Nigella_Lawson) December 8, 2020

Lawson, 60, also admitted she giggled at some of the contributions the microwave moment made.

When a fan shared a mocked advertisement for a “Meekro Wahve Milk Warmer,” Lawson replied, “That made me laugh!”

Nigella Lawson (PA)

Then she tweeted the post again and confessed, “I know I’ve said enough now, but couldn’t resist.”

In the episode “Cook, Eat, Repeat,” the celebrity chef revealed her unique name for the oven when discussing how to add milk to her mashed potatoes.

When she added it, she said, “I need some more milk – full fat – that I heated up in the ‘Mecrowavay’.”

Nigella’s cook, eat, repeat. Picture shows: Chicken in a pot with orzo. (BBC – Photographer: Jay Brookes)

Fans loved the way she said it and many said they would take over that pronunciation from now on.

The story goes on

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“Right, a microwave will never be called a microwave again, it’s a meekro wave forever, thanks @Nigella_Lawson,” tweeted an amused viewer.

“I’ve always hated microwaves, but now, having heard this clip from Nigella Lawson, I have to call them Meecro waves. I can neither hear nor escape, ”said another.

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