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OTG Oven VS Microwave Oven: Know the difference between the two so you finally know which device is the right choice for you.

The OTG and the microwave are two great kitchen appliances, and for some people it is almost indispensable to use them to bake and cook several meals a day. However, many people do not realize how different they are from each other, and once you have a thorough knowledge of the devices, you can finally figure out which one to buy. Before we dive into and find out the differences between the two, let’s talk about the oven and the microwave in general.

So oven is a broad term for devices that cook and heat our food, basically any warming chamber. It is a prehistoric thing as it has existed since the discovery of fire. Old stoves required lighting, fires, manual temperature management and as people and technology advanced we got compact and better versions of stoves. Most types of ovens run on gas or electricity, depending on the model. The newer type of oven is based on microwaves. It was invented by Percy Spencer during World War II and only officially launched as a kitchen appliance in 1967.

What is OTG (Oven Toaster and Grill)?

Oven, Toaster, Grill aka OTG is a smaller version of a traditional oven. And as the name suggests, you can bake, roast and grill. However, most of them don’t have reheating, cooking, or defrosting options. In this type of oven you will find heated coils for cooking meals. The fan inside helps with heat distribution and the thermostat with temperature control. Did you notice that heating takes time compared to microwave? This is because the electrical coils take time to heat up. And that’s why the cooking time also increases.

Speaking of flaws, there is a problem with uneven distribution of heat and preheating is required to fully bake the dish. If you have OTG, you can use aluminum, ceramic, glass or silicone based utensils.

What is microwave

A microwave oven uses electromagnetic waves and these waves are absorbed by the food. These electromagnetic waves are between 300 MHz and 300 GHz and comprise a spectrum of radio waves and infrared radiation. The preheating time is shorter compared to OTG. There is no fan inside, instead there is a turntable that rotates so the food is cooked evenly. If you keep the food in a microwave, the oven will throw microwaves on the food and once absorbed it will turn into heat.

For the unsophisticated, the waves that are absorbed by fat, water and other substances, as well as the molecules of food, heat up. The heat later migrates to the outside and the rest of the food is also warmed up. Plastic, ceramic, silicone, and glass utensils can be used in a microwave. Unlike OTG, you can’t use metal utensils in a microwave. When in use, it is mainly used for heating food, cooking or cooking.

Factors to Consider

Speaking of the capacity of both, the capacity of OTG can be up to 60 liters, while some microwaves have a capacity of around 32 liters. In addition, the rotating surface in a microwave is quite small, and setting up larger utensils, especially rectangular ones, becomes a problem.

OTG has racks and you can add multiple compartments. In short, you can bake multiple batches. While microwaves have a digital display, OTG has controls and it becomes difficult to keep track of time here.

OTGs are a little cheaper than the microwaves. In addition, the power consumption is low for OTG and high for the latter.

What’s best for you
So the bottom line is that OTGs are good for baking bread and desserts, while microwaves are best for cooking rice or heating food. But the ideal option is Convection microwave because it can do everything OTG can, along with reheating, cooking and defrosting. So it’s a win-win as you get the best of both worlds. If you are a simple baker, this is your choice Microwave with convection mode as they contain heating coils just like OTGs. If you are a professional baker, OTG can be a good option as it is good for you and can get you in larger quantities.

Which cooking appliance do you use and why? Let us know in the comments below.

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