Prime 7 convection microwave ovens amongst 15000 –


Are you looking for a new microwave oven? You should need one that can bake anything from cookies and cakes to quiches and pizzas, not just reheat food or make popcorns. In that case, my friend, you need the best convection microwave oven on the market. We’ve listed the top 7 convection microwave ovens that are below the 15,000 rupee price range and are handpicked based on price, durability, and ratings.

With the 101 Auto Cook menu, the possibilities for culinary experimentation are unlimited. Functions such as keeping warm keep food warm in the microwave for up to 1 hour. Not to mention deodorizing and steam cleaning, which keeps the oven sparkling clean even after repeated use.

Let the fermentation function in the convection microwave oven IFB 23BC4 take care of the yogurt preparation. With deodorizing / steaming / disinfecting, your device and utensil will be clean no matter how often you use this device. And with an energy saving of 40 percent you have come to the right place.

With the LG microwave, you can cook anything with just one touch of a button. From stews to roasts. Roast for baking. Brown until pasteurized. Grilling for diet frying. Diet roast on heating. Steam for grilling. This one does everything.

Taking into account the enormous capacity of 23 liters of the Morphy Richards Convection Oven and its unbelievably pleasant cooking speed, it also comes with 5 power levels that allow different cooking modes. Several hot spots and convection cooking are aspects that keep things current.

You can prepare your favorite tandoori delicacies faster, with crisper and juicier results. 150 Auto Cook Menus Choose from a variety of Indian menus to prepare a variety of exotic Indian dishes from the comfort of your home.

In this model, Samsung developed TDS, which cooks every part of the food evenly with an aperture antenna as well as two additional slot antennas so that the waves can be further distributed.

It’s not just the floral pattern on the glass panel that draws you to the IFB 25BC4 Grill Microwave Oven. The automatic cooking menu, easy-to-use LCD display, and a 3-year magnetron and cavity warranty ensure you have a versatile device to help you out in the kitchen.

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