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Household appliances, from refrigerators to microwaves, require regular maintenance and protection. Since all of these devices are used multiple times a day and by multiple members, it is important that they are covered with protective cases. Covering your devices doesn’t have to be unattractive as there are many protective covers that are printed with aesthetic patterns. In addition to the appearance, many covers also have additional pockets that provide additional storage space for important knick-knacks. As you beautify your devices and tools, your home will feel more organized and focused. Our list of products features cases that cross the line between practicality and style and are affordable too. Check them out below:

This microwave oven cover made of high quality cotton is breathable, wear-resistant and durable. The cover is equipped with 2 large pockets on each side in which gloves, mittens and other small items can be stored. This cover is machine washable. The cover is available for Rs 309 after discount.

This blue colored window AC cover is made of polyester. The cover measures 27 inches wide, 23 inches deep, and 18.5 inches high and is suitable for 1.5 tons of AC power. This dust-proof cover made of high-strength and super-strong polyester material protects your air conditioner and its filter system on days when the device is not used frequently. The cover is also waterproof.

Protect your refrigerator from dust, spills and stains with this cover set that includes a top dust cover, 2 handle covers and 3 shelf covers. This standard size cover can be used on most refrigerators. The covers are easy to wash and care for. The cover set is only available for Rs 199.

This dark polyester AC cover will protect your spilled AC cover in the room and the outdoor unit that is outside. The waterproof cover protects your air conditioner from waterlogging and damage from water, dust and more. The cover costs Rs 499 after a discount on MRP of Rs 999.

Protect your dishwasher from stains and spills with this black protective cover. This cover is waterproof and dustproof and increases the life of your device. The cover has a zipper for easy use.

This printed protective cover is ideal for top loading washing machines with a capacity of 6.0 kg, 6.2 kg, 6.5 kg and 7 kg. This waterproof and dustproof cover is supplied with cutouts for the inlet pipe, outlet pipe and power cord. The cover has a zipper on the top which makes the washing machine easier to use. The cover costs Rs 479, which is clear from the original price of Rs 1,499.

This polka dot printed cover enhances the look of your laundry area and protects your device from dust particles, scratches and stains. The cover has a zippered plate on the front that can be raised for operation. The cover is available for Rs 499 after discount.

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