Samsung MG14H3020CM 1.four cu. ft. Countertop Grill Microwave Oven with Ceramic Enamel Inside, Black Mirror High – The Union Journal


Samsung MG14H3020CM 1.4 cu. ft. Countertop Grill Microwave oven with ceramic enamel interior, black mirror finish. Power cord length – 39.37 inches

Ceramic enamel interior that is both scratch resistant and easy to clean
Height (inches) 12 5/16, width (inches) 21 7/8, cutout depth (inches) 18 1 / 16.1.4 cu. ft. capacity with 950 W cooking power, 10 power levels and LED display
Shiny mirror design and asymmetrical shape for a premium look
Auto Cook options for every meal at the touch of a button
Grill element with ceramic plate for the preparation of crispy dishes including pizza. Control material: membrane. Amp circuit: 13.3A

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