Scot drank cleansing fluid and tossed the microwave out the window in the course of the police siege on the Paisley residence – Every day File


Cops surrounded a paisley apartment after a concerned man barricaded himself in it and started throwing objects through windows.

William Coughtrie, 23, tossed a microwave oven, a set of guitars, a computer, a monitor, a flower pot and a piece of glass on the street paramedics during a tense argument with emergency services, which included negotiators, firefighters and police officers.

Paisley Sheriff Court heard that Coughtrie, who suffers from a variety of health problems, waved a hammer and verbally abused officials during the rampage at a house on Blythswood Drive on June 29.

Police, paramedics and fire brigade were called on site

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Finance prosecutor Sobia Kidd told the court that the defendant also drank cleaning fluid and threatened self-harm before the authorities were able to resolve the difficult situation around 10:30 p.m.

She said, “Witnesses said they heard loud knocking and the sound of broken glass.

“They visited and observed broken glass and a number of objects were on the street and on the way out.

“Efforts have been made to contact the defendants. Officers received a negative answer. He went through the living room and smashed the windows. “

Coughtrie, who injured both hands, “escalated his behavior” further, causing a serious incident on the street in which the police called in negotiators, fire brigades and paramedics to cordon off the apartment.

Guitars and a microwave were thrown out the window

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Ms. Kidd added, “He barricaded himself and hit the window with a hammer. He was holding a white bottle of cleaning fluid and began to drink it.

At that point, officers forced entry into the house and handcuffed the defendant.

“He was taken to the Royal Alexandra Hospital for a medical examination by a doctor, where his injuries were described as superficial and he suffered no permanent harm from using the cleaning fluid.”

Yesterday, Coughtrie of Blythswood Drive pleaded guilty to wrongful and reckless behavior in which he smashed windows and threw objects in the street.

A flat window was smashed during the siege

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He also admitted to creating public disorder, where he shouted, cursed, threatened, hit a window with a hammer and barricaded himself.

Defense agent Charlie McCusker said his client, who suffers from Asperger’s, depression and anxiety, drank before he lost control of himself.

He said, “He is now being looked after by a doctor and is receiving treatment and medication. Alcohol clearly played a role. “

He added that Coughtrie, who works with computers, is gifted and a first-time offender.

Sheriff Seith Ireland told him: “This was a serious incident involving the police, fire and ambulance services.

“You are a young man with health problems, but there has been great public concern about this incident caused by your unacceptable behavior.”

He postponed the sentencing until March 5 next year.

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