Sharp Mixture Microwave Oven R860SLM Overview –


Overall score: 57/100

Tested in October 2019

This 900 watt combination microwave from Sharp has a flat base design (also known as a flatbed bowl) which means there is no turntable. It has 13 different cooking programs, five power levels and an automatic defrost function. It also includes a baking sheet and grill rack.

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This Sharp model looks elegant and is inexpensive. It’s best for those who want a combination microwave for occasional use but don’t want to rely on it in place of a regular oven and grill.

Overall, the results in our performance tests were very mixed. While the lack of a turntable made for a tidier interior, it had an impact on the cooking. When we microwaved jacket potatoes, they were boiled on the bottom, but still hard on the top. The soup was heated thoroughly, but chilled and frozen lasagna ready meals were not hot enough in the middle. When we used the auto-defrost feature on ground beef, it thawed but also cooked in some areas, which wasn’t ideal.

The fan oven preheated in less than three minutes, although fairy cakes were baked in 30 minutes, which was longer than we would have liked. Elsewhere, the automatic fried chicken feature was easy to use, however the chicken was a little pale and still had some pink juices after the cook time was up. The grill temperature is not adjustable and the toast took 15 minutes to brown which was disappointing. Grilled sausages were browned and well cooked, but we had to wait 28 minutes for them too.

Key specification

Power: 900Equipment: Grill rack, baking tray Capacity (liters): 25thPossible combinations: Microwave / grill, microwave / convection Number of power levels: fiveNumber of programs: 13


User friendliness: 4.2 / 5Design: 5/5Manual: 4/5Performance: 2.3 / 5

We would like

Multi-stage cooking Parental control Easy to use

We do not want

Difficult to look inside the microwave while it is cooking. The microwave / grill combination function did not brown our macaroni cheese properly. The power levels and grill temperature are not adjustable with the combo microwave / grill function, and it is difficult to know whether combo 1 or 2 is the best choice as the instructions contain very little information. The font size in the instruction manual is very small

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