Sharp’s first Alexa-enabled microwave ovens are optimized for popcorn – Engadget


If you want an Alexa-savvy microwave but want something more advanced than the AmazonBasics model, you’re in luck – especially if you tend to nibble during a movie. Sharp has unveiled its first Alexa-enabled countertop microwaves, the mid-size SMC1139FS at 1.1 cubic feet and the larger, more family-oriented SMC1449FS at 1.4 cubic feet. Both ovens accept the expected voice commands from Alexa devices for tasks such as defrosting meat, but are also specially designed for Orville Redenbacher popcorn. Ask the Amazon helper to use “classic microwave popcorn” and a standard bag should be ready for your next home movie.

The range of commands varies depending on the model. While the base model has around 30 voice commands and 10 other voice-only presets, the larger SMC1449FS has 70 commands and around 50 voice-only presets for foods ranging from broccoli to chicken wings. You shouldn’t get confused if you don’t have instructions on how to cook in the microwave, at least on the larger version.

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