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In this fast-paced world, time management is of paramount importance to enable maximum productivity. The COVID pandemic has restricted people with the “work-from-home” option to their homes. Undoubtedly things are getting back on track and there is a growing urgency to get off to visit the offices. Under such circumstances, with increased workload, it is not possible to spend a long time in the kitchen cooking meals. Similarly, in the evening after a busy day at work, it just doesn’t leave a person enough strength and enthusiasm to walk into the kitchen.

This is the time when the microwave oven comes in handy and allows you to enjoy hot meals with little effort. It is smarter to cook meals and have them ready when you have the time. Pre-cooked meals that are kept in the refrigerator are easy to heat up and enjoy in peace. There are two types of microwaves on the market, Solo and Combo. Solo microwave only helps with cooking and heating food. On the other hand, the convection microwave has the ability to microwaves, grill and convection cooking / baking. Convection microwaves are more effective and efficient.

The following factors must be considered when buying a microwave:

Lifestyle and eating habits Cooking preferences Functionality of the oven

Lifestyle and eating habits

Choosing between solo or convection microwave surely depends on your lifestyle and eating habits. If you are a bachelor who eats out most of the time or orders food at restaurants, it means extensive cooking doesn’t apply to you. In such circumstances, a solo microwave meets the requirements for reheating the food. It also helps with defrosting frozen food and making a simple cup of tea or coffee.

Similarly, even some families or working couples find it difficult to prepare elaborate meals or they just don’t like it. In this case, the solo microwave is good enough to prepare simple meals or reheat pre-cooked meals. Those who enjoy cooking and baking, as well as entertaining guests with a grill, should opt for a convection microwave. All in one unit that makes cooking, grilling and baking easier.

Cooking preferences

If you don’t bake or grill a lot, a solo microwave will be sufficient to aid in cooking food and heating cold food. Remember, you can only use food-grade microsafe plastic or glass cookware in a solo microwave oven. The microwave oven does not allow the use of metal utensils as it is dangerous. There should be no traces of metallic elements on the utensils, not even as a border design.

Regarding the convection microwave, in addition to microwave cooking, you can also use metal containers in grill and convection mode. If you have children who enjoy baked goods or entertain guests frequently, the convection microwave is the option for you. It can make delicious pizzas, cakes, bread and other baked goods. The grill mode is ideal for preparing kebabs and other grilled foods. It helps grill your pasta and other dishes that only require the cheese and other ingredients to be melted from above.


When choosing a microwave, solo, or convection, make sure that a good number of cooking modes are pre-installed. This supports faster cooking without having to determine the cooking time for each dish. Many microwaves have preset timers for items like popcorn, thaws (depending on the weight of the items), sauces, and cafeteria, etc. The core size of the oven also helps determine whether it can suit your cooking needs based on family size. For a large family, we recommend an oven that is at least 30 inches. For a single person or a small family, 20+ is enough. A minimum step of 10 seconds is ideal for quick heating. A preset timer of 30 seconds is usually common in quick heat mode.

With regard to the solo microwave, combination cooking is not applicable. However, convection microwave offers combined cooking options such as micro + grill or micro + convection. This makes it easier to use multiple cooking methods at the same time to finish the product faster. The solo microwave can be used for basic cooking, beverage production and heating of food. While convection is versatile enough to offer multiple benefits from cooking, grilling, and baking.


Microwaves have become indispensable in modern life as they help minimize the time and effort involved in cooking. Regardless of whether you opt for a single or a convection model, the tedious cooking process is relieved and fast cooking is made easier without the process having to be constantly monitored. By following the cooking instructions from the manual, you’ll be able to prepare delicious meals in no time with a pre-set timing that will automatically turn off when the duration is up, allowing you to relax without the tension of cooking over or burning the food .

Solo models are recommended for people with basic cooking needs, bachelors and small families. However, the convection microwave is the ideal choice for large families and frequent entertainers. Before buying the microwave, it is important to know what your requirements are and what category you fall into. However, you can choose between simple cooking / heating or elaborate cooking and baking. Make the right choice as Solo and Convection have different prices and Solo are always cheaper options.

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