The Kitchen Simple Pod: a microwave vegetable steamer, poacher and roaster in a single –


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Cestari, an innovative designer of kitchen products based in Littleton, MA, is pleased to announce that customers can now purchase their Kitchen Easy Pod online. This pod, which can be used as a microwave vegetable steamer (among many other uses), is available on multiple platforms including Amazon as well as on Cestari’s own website so it’s both convenient and easy to use.

Calling it a vegetable steamer can mean that it should only be used for vegetables. Anyone with a bit of experience preparing family meals knows that every product has its hidden uses, and Cestari’s little pod is no different. As the company proudly demonstrates, while it cooks vegetables quite well, it can also be used to poach fish and chicken.

Fans of the quick and easy meal will want to know if this includes making omelets or reheating leftovers. Cestari is excited to share that this is indeed the case. They expect it to be most commonly used for vegetables, but they also encourage their loyal customers to experiment at their own discretion. For example, they draw your attention to the fact that the Cestari Kitchen Easy Pod has a non-stick surface. This opens up the possibility of what family dishes can be prepared with it, and Cestari suggests that new users try fried potatoes if they want to see how easily such foods come out for themselves. Certain kitchens may have to meet stricter standards before giving a new tool a pass, but the company is confident that their steamer will stand up to any reasonable test.

The steamer can be used at any time in one of two main configurations: as a sleeve or unfolded in a bowl. In its pod configuration, Cestari explains that it can be used to replace parchment paper or foil with moist cooking (this makes it great for use in oven recipes). Using it as a bowl is far more obvious – it can replace virtually any container on the table that holds salad, sauce, rice, or anything else that might captivate the user. Here, Cestari is reminding their community to make sure the floor is free of debris if the steamer has been used in cooking just prior to serving as a serving dish. However, this should be the biggest problem they face (if any). Its calming green color also makes it the perfect backdrop for many dishes and family dining rooms.

However, the microwave vegetable steamer has a secret use. Should it be rolled up at one end, its flexibility and strength allow it to be used as a funnel to collect cooking juices for a sauce or gravy. There are likely many other uses the pod can be used for and Cestari is always excited to hear from customers who discover new possibilities.

Finally, those who are careful with their purchases will be pleased to learn that Cestari went the extra mile to ensure that their Kitchen Easy Pod is safe for human use. While most competitors adhere to the FDA’s requirements in developing their products, Cestari has developed the Kitchen Easy Pod according to European standards, which are often more stringent than those set by the FDA. For example, it uses the absolute highest food grade silicone available, making it safe for the family and easy to care for (for the convenience of certain cooks). The pod configuration is also not fully manipulable. The company says its customers should feel free to curl them up for quick and hassle-free storage if they so choose. To back up their claims and illustrate how proud they are of the Kitchen Easy Pod, Cestari also offers a lifetime no questions asked warranty.

If you want to find out more about the Kitchen Easy Pod and its possible uses, you can read it on the Cestari website or read its Amazon product description. Its function as a simple microwave vegetable steamer, omelette maker, roaster, etc. is sure to make it a popular option for many kitchens across the country. For more information on the Kitchen Easy Pod or any of the company’s other products, customers can also contact Susan MacDowell at Cestari.


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