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We all spend a lot more time in our kitchen these days, and our microwaves are probably getting a lot more action. Although you may not cook your entire dinner in them like people did when they first got on stage, they are still widely used for reheating pizza, popcorn, melting butter, boiling water, and more used. When it comes to finding cheap deals on microwaves, you’ve come to the right place. Since microwaves have been around for so long, there are dozens of companies that make really great microwaves at reasonable prices. Whether you need a microwave for more than your range or a standalone microwave for your kitchen counter, we’ve found some of the best deals on these small appliances for you.

Today’s Best Microwave Deals

Daewoo countertop microwave – – $ 75
Insignia Compact microwave – – $ 50
Easter countertop microwave – – $ 85
Toshiba multifunctional microwave – – $ 150
Samsung countertop microwave – – $ 138

Microwave versus microwave oven

A microwave oven is quite simply the same as a microwave. When shopping for your new microwave, don’t let the different names fool you. Just a short way from saying microwave, microwave is a small device that uses microwave radiation to cook food. In fact, a microwave is not an oven at all. In an oven there is a heating element that heats the air inside and heats the food inside.

Are Cheap Microwaves Safe?

The bottom line is that cheap microwaves are safe. There is no reason to believe that just because you have a more expensive microwave oven it is safer than the cheaper model. According to the World Health Organization, microwave ovens are reliable when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This does not negate the fact that various precautions must be taken when using a microwave oven, but very few of the dangers have to do with the actual radiation that the small device produces.

Most of the hazards associated with microwaves relate to burns and food handling. These are dangers that you will encounter whether or not you use a microwave while cooking. When it comes to microwaves emitting outside of the actual microwave, the chance is slim. Microwave ovens are designed so that they only emit microwaves when they are switched on and the door is closed. However, be sure to properly maintain your microwave as damaged doors and latches can cause radiation to leak out. Even cheap microwaves have doors and locking mechanisms to ensure that microwaves are not emitted outside of the device itself.

Whether your microwave is cheap, damaged, brand new, or in a different condition, the food cooked in it doesn’t become radioactive, so anytime someone brings up this myth, you can dispel this myth. After switching off the microwave oven, absolutely no microwave energy remains in the food.

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