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Your microwave is about to get jealous. (Photo: Walmart)

Get moving, Instant Pot, and make way for the kitchen hero of the year: the almighty air fryer. To say this countertop device is life changing is putting it mildly – and you can have your own for a dime thanks to Walmart’s amazing Black Friday deals.

The Farberware Air Fryer has almost half the discount for Black Friday – from now on only 50 US dollars

The greatest kitchen invention since the coffee machine

What is an air fryer anyway? Well, if a fan oven and deep fryer had a baby – and that baby went to cooking and nutrition school and could therefore offer healthier, crunchier, and juicier versions of your favorite fried foods – that would be the air fryer.

Especially the Farberware Air Fryer – which, as mentioned, is $ 49 cheaper for Black Friday? This baby does all of that and more. It can bake potatoes. It can fry meat. It can reheat food without drying it out. And it does its job quickly with minimal cleaning.

Dinner is fun again

The Farberware 3.2 Quart Air Fryer makes cooking a pleasure for family and friends. (Photo: Walmart)

Farberware Air Fryer fries perfectly like a deep fryer – from chicken tenders to fish fillets to Brussels sprouts and French fries, everything comes out of a fantastic restaurant. Expect compliments from family – and requests for reruns.

It’s all good because the food you cook in an air fryer is much lighter and healthier than the traditional fried version of the same dishes. Where deep frying requires a tub of oil to achieve crispness, the Farberware Air Fryer only uses a few tablespoons. The result? All the foods you love with a lot fewer calories.

They even bake cookies!

You don’t have to be a fan of fried foods to change your life with the Farberware Air Fryer. It can fry vegetables and lean meat like chicken breasts and pork chops – with a tiny bit of oil, or no oil at all if you prefer. And because of the unique way it works, it can even bake.

The story goes on

How exactly does it work? Instead of swirling heat around a large room like in a fan oven, the air fryer blows hot air directly onto food – it’s fast, energy efficient, and easy as pie (as in, it cooks evenly every time). And it’s extremely versatile; Believe it or not, Farberware Air Fryer even makes light, delicious cookies and donuts.

Once you go air fryer, you never go back

French fries, wings, vegetables – all just a button away. (Photo: Walmart)

We’re not just blowing hot air here. More than 1290 Walmart customers are in love with their 3.2 Quart Air Fryer, and praise the moon and back.

“I have valuable little storage space in my small kitchen, but this one has a permanent home!” one boasted. “I absolutely love this thing. Best I’ve got since getting the ninja 3 in 1 cooker … chicken wings in the fryer are awesome. You can also make some great brats or dogs in it and get a nice crispy crunch on your skin. I made some roasted vegetables which are great. “

“LOVE this air fryer and what a great value it is!” a buyer shared. “Eating crisps much faster than an oven, with little to no oil! Eat much healthier … cook meat, vegetables … even desserts! “

Another suggested looking around for even more recipes:

“We love this air fryer. We made frozen fries, tots, chicken, fish. The basket is easy to remove from the lower compartment, making cleaning very easy for both of you. Comes with a small brochure, but we found a lot of information on YouTube. We also have a very small kitchen that takes up very little space and is light enough to move around. “

For versatility, health, efficiency – and renewed excitement in the kitchen – there is nothing quite like this Farberware Air Fryer. Grab one before they’re all gone and wish you a good (early) Black Friday with a present that your whole family will thank you for (in hugs).

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