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ONE Tick ​​tock User has extrapolated Much of the internet after she shared a video about cooking her turkey on that Thanksgiving Day. Reader, it’s not pretty.

TikToker Juliette (@ itsmeju1iette) posted the video last week, proudly writing, “M.Goodbye a turkey for mine friend family. “

The hashtags also include the #chef and #relationshipgoals goals.

In the clip Juliette – who distinguishes herself as a ‘master chef’ in her biography – grabs a huge bird and stuffs a few pieces of white, sliced ​​bread into its uh, back cave.

It sits in a huge, Disposable Foil tray you would assume the turkey is for the oven for a nice piece of roast.

Photo credit: TikTok / @ itsmeju1iette

But just as you conjure up appetizing Pictures of a golden brown Juliette, the beauty lays down on a neatly laid table, surrounded by everything that goes with it and smiling, hungry faces, throws us a curveball.

Instead she films herself pagainst the whole bird, now wrapped up plasticin the microwave.

Then she sets the timer for 60 minutes before moving on to the big reveal.

Photo credit: TikTok / @ itsmeju1iette

After the plastic cover is cut openWe see the poor turkey sitting in a puddle of cloudy brown juices with parts floating around under it.

Juliette takes out the innards and places them in another bowl before hiding in part of the finished product.

Photo credit: TikTok / @ itsmeju1iette

Is the meat covered with melted plastic? Is it bone dry? Is it even cooked? What happened to all that mysterious juice? What on earth has your friend’s family done? say? When you’ve eaten it, you must really, really like it.

6 days ago

The video clearly angered many people after being viewed by 2.5 million Tick ​​tock Users – many of whom commented to express their outrage.

One wrote in disbelief: “That, that is a hoax correct?”

Another person said, “The bread got all damp when the chicken juices came out …”


Another pointed out that she hadn’t even bothered to season the bird while others speculated (and, as we can imagine, hoped) that it was a fake stunt.

If you check out Juliette’s other food-based videos on her feed, you’ll find that she enjoys cooking steak in the toaster, hot dogs in the washing machine, and burgers on an iron. Creative, that’s what we give her.

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