Toshiba Good Microwave with the flexibility to pair with Amazon Alexa and Google Dwelling debuts at CES 2020 – PRNewswire


The Toshiba Smart Microwave Oven incorporates the latest in voice control technology to create a versatile kitchen assistant that meets everyone’s daily cooking needs. With the ability to pair with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, users can control Toshiba’s smart microwave using natural voice commands for the ultimate in convenience and hands-free navigation.

“Smart homes are the latest technological trend“said Dr. Scott Sun. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (WITH), United States of America, Chief Technologist at Toshiba Microwave Oven Overseas. “With the rise of IoT and AI, we will stick to our innovation-driven approach and continue to deliver high quality, safe products to households worldwide.”

Toshiba’s latest microwave oven comes with a range of smart home features designed for intuitive and seamless home cooking. With a compatible smart speaker such as an Amazon Echo, voice commands can be used to start, pause, and stop heating or set cooking times. Users enter a command and the microwave is reheated with the appropriate power and time settings. The microwave also has a dedicated voice command button that users can press and tell the microwave how long it wants to cook the food.

In addition to voice control, the microwave has a simple keyboard, several different power levels and a child safety function. It’s also easy to use: users simply plug in the microwave, connect to the internet with their smart home app, and prompt their smart home device to start microwave.

Toshiba microwave ovens have been built using principles of scientific and technological innovation under strict quality control standards. In anticipation of the smart home trend, Toshiba has continued to bring cutting-edge technologies into microwave ovens to provide a better experience for global users over the years.

SOURCE Midea Microwave & Cleaning Appliance Division

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