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Whirlpool has launched a revamped line of its Crisp N Grill microwave ovens designed to simplify the cooking experience by allowing consumers to use their microwave like a traditional oven to prepare healthy, healthy meals in minutes, saving time and energy.

Three new models have been launched with the Crisp, Grill, Steam, Crisp Fry and Bake functions that allow users to fry meat, bake cakes, crispy chips, make pizza, toast sandwiches or steamed vegetables in a fraction of the time Take the oven.

Whirlpool JQ280IX Crisp N Grill

The new Crisp N’Grill range is an ideal solution for Australian families who are pressed for time. Instead of reaching for the takeaway menu, healthy meals can now be prepared in minutes.

Whirlpool claims that a 500g roast beef can be prepared in just 10 minutes.

The latest models feature Whirlpool’s patented 6th Sense technology, which can be used to set cooking parameters and monitor the cooking process to achieve consistently good results.

Winner of the iF Design Award 2017, Whirlpool MWCF25BK Crisp N Grill

The refreshed Crisp N Grill range is based on European design heritage and exudes modern style. Selected models have surfaces in black, white and stainless steel, which fit easily into the modern Australian kitchen.

“We pride ourselves on providing Australian consumers with the tools they need to quickly prepare daily meals for their families. The Crisp N Grill was developed for all types of cooking levels. We are pleased to offer Australian consumers a wider range of features to suit their specific cooking needs, ”said Liam Bryers, General Manager Marketing at Whirlpool Oceania.

The revamped Whirlpool Crisp N Grill convection microwave range is available now from Appliances Online.

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