Whirlpool launches the MagicookPro all-in-one convection microwave oven for 9,999 rupees – Occasions of India


The consumer electronics brand Whirlpool has launched the MagicookPro convection microwave oven. The oven has 7 cooking modes, multi-heat technology, zero-oil cooking and various other functions. The price is Rs 9,999 and is available on the company’s website.
Multiheat technology allows users to enjoy different styles of cooking with the whirlpool microwave oven, according to the company. The MultiHeat technology has up to 7 different heating modes with which you can bake, grill, fry, steam, etc. in one device.
Some of the other highlighted features of the oven are up to 230 degree tandoor heating and up to 300 AutoCook menu. The AutoCook menu has pre-programmed menus for preparing various dishes at home.
KG Singh, Vice President Marketing at Whirlpool of India, commented on the new launch: “In this day and age, creating a self-sufficient home has become increasingly preferred, which has led to informed and conscious choices by consumers. The microwave category saw double-digit growth after Covid-19, and convection dominated the industry with a share of over 70% in the segment. Our MagicCookPro, the latest in the convection portfolio, offers up to 7 cooking modes and up to 300 recipes to choose from, so that the most complex dishes can be cooked easily and professionally. ”

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