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For some of us, extra time at home means the opportunity to try new recipes, hone your home cooking skills, or, often, trigger a creative storm in the kitchen. For others, indoor cooking means putting together quick, easy, and nutritious meals for the family. Whatever your cooking style, what we eat affects both our physical and mental health. It is more important than ever to maintain energy levels. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. and make sure your body is getting all of the nutrients it needs by following a healthy, balanced diet. When you plan ahead, involve the whole family, and have some quick and easy recipes on hand, cooking becomes less of a chore and more of a pleasure. And LG Microwave Oven did just that for us – changed our cooking method and made cooking easier and more convenient.

LG has constantly worked to provide a better lifestyle for its users by taking care of their health. With Healthy HeartTM Auto Cook recipes from LG Microwave Ovens (certified by the Heart Care Foundation of India) you can eat to your heart’s content without the hassle of cooking and the food becoming unhealthy. If you cook using the Diet Fry TM function, you can save up to 88% ** of your oil intake, according to the LG. Choose from over 401 Auto Cook recipes pre-installed in the microwave oven and treat your family to healthy meals every day.

Here are some dishes that you can prepare in no time:

Tandoori articles: Tandoori chicken is not only delicious, but historically a sign of cultural integration. And why so, so many vegetarian variants such as Tandoori Paneer and Tandoori Soya Chaap have become popular with children and adults alike, that barbecues have become so popular. And for your next meeting or even a chic dinner at home, simply have your tikkas cooked in the LG Microwave Oven. The Charcoal Lighting HeaterTM gives you the same taste of grill and tandoori cuisine. The food stays crispy on the outside and juiced on the inside.

The 360 ​​° Motorized Rotisserie function makes queuing in the bar at home easy and hassle-free, as crispy and delicious recipes can be prepared in the bar at the push of a button, without manual intervention being necessary for even and even frying.

Spicy breads with delicious curries: With the LG Microwave Oven you can prepare 12 types of exotic Indian rotis with the Indian Roti Basket *** at the push of a button, e.g. B. Naan, Lachha Paratha, Aloo Parathas etc. Be glad that with this Diwali you no longer spend time in the kitchen, but have a lot more fun with friends and family.

All milk-based mithai: Let’s admit, if the milk isn’t boiled properly, no mithai made from it will come out well. LG Microwave Oven’s pasteurized milk feature allows you to quickly cook milk without worrying about overflowing while maintaining the diet! Just pour the milk into the lid-covered accessory, choose your settings, and you’re done. Now you no longer have to monitor the milk while it is boiling! You can keep milk in the same accessory to avoid contamination or make the upcoming holiday season even more beautiful with your favorite fellow sharks.

Mithais also need ghee: Nothing can beat the quality and taste of homemade ghee. However, not everyone is a fan of its strong flavor in the preparation process, and that’s why we compromise when making prepackaged ghee. Not anymore, because with the latest range of LG microwave ovens, you can now make ghee with the utmost hygiene and without odor in 12 minutes! Not only that, it also gives you an easy cooking option, added convenience, and more.

The versatile paneer: Paneer is not a food; It’s a love story. In addition to its versatility, paneer is known to have a rich nutritional profile. It’s an incredible source of dietary protein, calcium, and phosphorus that aid in building muscle and helping with weight loss. So why dilute the goodness of paneer by buying it stale off the market? Make paneer at home softer and more delicious at home with the LG Microwave Oven.

Thanks to the groundbreaking Charcoal Lighting Heater TM, Healthy Heart Recipes *, Indian Roti Basket ***, pasteurized milk and the technological features of Diet Fry TM. Let us know what you will do with all the money you will save!

* Heart-friendly prescriptions are neither a substitute nor a substitute for professional medical advice.

** According to internal test reports from LG.

*** Patent submitted.

#Time may vary from model to model.

Disclaimer: This article was produced on behalf of LG by the Spotlight team at Times Internet.

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